Testing Services

Testing is no longer just a phase to be ignored, but has now been recognized as an integral part of any production cycle. It has become imperative to comprehensively test the quality and performance of all systems and applications in order to ensure its smooth function. Since the quality of every product and customer satisfaction largely depends on how well it has been tested, our focus on TQA never deters. Banking upon the diverse experience gained over the span of a decade, Dew Solutions has established a dedicated Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) focused towards fostering innovation and delivering excellence to our esteemed clients. Our testing competency is supported by industry certified professionals and consistent successful deliveries through customized and cost-effective flexible engagement models..

Dew Solutions strives to constantly make efforts to deliver avant-garde testing services managing end-to-end test lifecycles. Our team brings customers the latest industry trends, including best practices and new tools and technologies to serve our customers business needs. Our testing function inherently follows a proactive rather than reactive culture, helping our customers stay ahead in the market..

Value Differentiators

Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) - Dew Solutions utilizes in-house expert practice groups with domain specific competencies to deliver tailored solutions, in collaboration with our key partners.

Risk-Based Testing - focuses on identifying risk areas and addressing activities that can be done in parallel and developing new opportunities.

Accelerated KT Model - We ensure continuity and quality of delivery via structured Knowledge Management Process.

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