Our Journey So Far

Our History

Dew Solutions was founded in 2010 by graduates from IITs and RECs; all with expertise in distributed software development and years of experience servicing the U.S. market.

Together, we comprise a powerful team, ready to assist our clients in meeting their software service needs, wherever they may be. Our experience and expertise has led Dew Solutions to become the trusted specialist of outsourced software development for clients in the U.S, U.K and Singapore. Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction has resulted in rapid growth and an impressive list of satisfied ISV and enterprise clients. Most importantly, it has enabled our clients to meet their goal of delivering innovative, high-performance software, on-time, every time.

May 2010

Took off from a very small office with 5 engineers on board

Aug 2011

Shifted to relatively bigger office to accomodate 50 engineers and support staff

Jan 2016

Crossed 100 mark, Kudos to all

Sep 2016

Bigger state-of-the-art office with 180+ headcount and growing